Business Cards: Design Styles of 2017 | Great Examples to Inspire you

Professional And Elegant Business Card Design Before the advent of social media, business cards were the primary way of exchanging contact information for an off-line world. Even today in a digital world, business cards are the first line of contact....
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Amazing Fantasy Issue 15 - Spider-man Poster

Spider-man Birthday Banner

I grew up reading Spider-man comics so it was only natural that my kids would inherit my collection and love the character as much as I do. Well… they can’t cause I love Spider-man more My wife wanted to do a...
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Adobe InDesign Tips

Quick InDesign Tips

Top 7 Tips for Adobe InDesign InDesign is a great software for page layout and a common tool used in the corporate world. Executive assistants, administrative and resource staff are usually the ones using these softwares to build documents for their teams,...
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National Geographic. Around the World in 125 Years

Exploring the globe since 1888: a journey through time with the world’s favorite magazine. Each slipcase turns into a bookstand. Limited edition of 125,000 copies worldwide. Published by TASCHEN Books Source: http://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/photography/all/02894/facts.national_geographic_around_the_world_in_125_years.htm
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Badass Cartoon Series by Sylvain Sarrailh

Sylvain has the most awesome crossover ideas, like Mario meets Akira, Pac-Man meets The Thing, Sonic meets Dragon Ball and more! Here you can see just a few of his crossover ideas. For much more of it and for more...
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