Broker / Office Tour Large Format Displays

Office / Broker Tour Presentation Board

Epic Realty Broker Tour Presentation Board


This is a 5’x3′ large format wall display created for my client. They were in need of setting up one of their office suites for broker tour presentations.

I created this map using high resolution aerial images of their location and it’s surroundings.



For a personalized touch, I took some shots of their building and used it at the bottom left.IMG_9033

Locating the retail stores wasn’t too hard. First, I used google street view to make a list of all the businesses along the main streets. Next, I went to the locations and confirmed the businesses from my list.

google street view 2

google street view 1

Google streetview information gets updated year round so I had to make sure that I selected the most recent view. It can be found at the top left side of the screen under the address.

A couple of feedbacks and adjustments later, The final list was approved and the resulting design was well received.

Client: Epic Realty Partners



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